If it's over. It's over.

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

If it's over it's over. And I don't say that to sound mean , better or heartless. I say that because if you are trying to hold on to something that is over and that God is trying to break you away from you run the risk of becoming infected by an expired season . 

When God says time up please understand that it is in your best interest to dip. Wherever he says to go you should do it . Why ? Because there is life wherever he is. Abundant , fruitful life. And I don't know about you but knowing that , wherever he is that is where I want to be . Stop replaying how long you have been in a season and start paying attention to how long God has been trying to call you out of it . 

There is so much life , love, advancement , happiness, peace , and financial gain on the other side of you letting go of what you have out grown . God will never ever steer you wrong . But if you keep listening to yourself and staying in your own head you could steer yourself wrong ....

Remember , you are a Well Woman expired seasons aren't our thing. We move on and become better . 

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